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COCOLINE Naturals is the personal care brand of COCO HEALTHPRODUCTS INC. Its mission and advocacies are aimed to:

Provide safe yet very effective alternatives for true Health and Beauty care;

Educate consumers to choose Naturals & Paraben-Free products and avoid potentially harmful ingredients;

Set the bar high for real World Class personal care products from the Philippines;

Promote the Power of Coconut and its amazing health benefits;

Help build pride & support to our marginalized coconut farmers and the Philippine Coconut (the best VCO quality supplier to the world).

The Power of Coconut

COCOLINE Naturals skin care line captures the Power of Coconut and gave it a delightful modern twist.

International scientists hail the humble coconut as the “Miracle Fruit” due to its 300+ amazing and unmatched benefits to our body that includes Protection, Repairing, Healing, Caring, and Beautifying.

Coconut Oil’s efficacy far outweigh and outnumber other popular oils. Amongst the list are :  Intense Moisture, Anti- Oxidants (repair, healing, regenerate, and strengthen), Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, natural UV protection, Deodorizing, Smoothening, Softening,  etc…


The Modern Twist

COCOLINE Naturals products are all Virgin Coconut Oil based, mixed with meticulously chosen ingredients to delight the Modern Woman. Its products are void of potentially harmful ingredients and promotes the use of Naturals for a true Health & Beauty care experience.

Aside from remarkable skin-health benefits, COCOLINE Naturals aims to delight its users through the satisfaction of senses:

Smell. Pleasantly Light and Fresh Scent that lingers throughout the day (minus the usual heavy & musky scent of traditionally packed coconut oil.

Touch & Feel. Non-Sticky. Non-Grea Smooth and Gentle to feel.

Look. Non-Shin Doesn’t look oily on the skin for that “fresh all-day” appeal.

Proudly Paraben-Free

COCOLINE Naturals products are all Paraben-free!

Parabens are Cancer-linked. They are synthetic preservatives widely used in most cosmetic & personal care products. Upon skin contact, it seeps deep into the body, accumulates, and creates havoc when one’s immune system weakens. Published studies have revealed that 99% of breast cancer tissues are found to be Paraben-laden.