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Real Care

Skin problems? Dry, itchy, flaky skin, acne, back-ne, or just in need for overall wellness & beauty of the skin? Find out if your skin care products measure up. Read on…

24hr Moisture

Most lotions only give 3 – 6hrs of moisture. Some 12hrs. Intense care is not about thickness or stickiness. It’s the longevity & effect on your skin that counts. Your skin should look & feel fresh, soft & smooth all day.

Virgin Coconut Oil wins this hands-down. Get your money’s worth. Try VCO-based COCOLINE Naturals Lotion for that 24hr Moisture goodness!


Bacteria enters small cracks of dry skin, causing inflammation. Eczema, acne, boils, and skin havocs happen. Choose products with Natural Anti-bacteria, and not the synthetic Triclosan kind (just banned recently by US FDA).

Coconut Oil is a natural Anti-bac. VCO-based COCOLINE has up to 99.99% Anti-bacterial powers as certified by world-renowned SGS International Labs. Does your skin product have Natural Anti-bacterials?


Aging, wrinkly, spotty, sagging skin? You’ll need Anti-oxidants to help repair and regenerate cells. It helps restore the skin’s youthfulness & firmness.

Power-packed with Anti-oxidants, Coconut Oil has Hollywood celeb A-listers go nuts over this amidst earning huge bucks to endorse brands. VCO-based COCOLINE Naturals captures this Anti-oxidant power. How does your brand fare so far?


Prolonged itchiness, body odor, black spots, recurring skin problems? Fungus must have stepped-in. It is harder to eliminate, but Coconut Oil can help to fix this!

COCOLINE Naturals products are certified to give up to 98.77% Anti-fungal benefits. That’s protection and elimination! Kaya ba yan ng lotion mo? Soap? Body wash?


Parabens are cancer-linked! They are synthetic chemicals that seep into your body faster than you can wash them away. Most brands have it. Why risk cancer? Decipher better.

Go Paraben-free with brands like COCOLINE Naturals. Check your products’ front-label. If it doesn’t say Paraben-free, look for alternatives. Cancer is never worth it! 

Switch to Naturals

Say NO to toxins! Avoid synthetic-laden prods if you can. Some chemicals seep deep into our bodies, it badly weakens our system. Better safe than sorry. Choose Naturals!

Go for brands like COCOLINE Naturals. It uses only the best natural ingredients with your health in mind.

Delightful to Use

Naturals need not be boring. COCOLINE Naturals has been awarded by various consumer groups (including best beauty products) not only because they are safe and effective…but also because they are so delightful to use!

Smells sooo delicious! Non-sticky. Non-greasy. Feels so tender on skin. All-day smoothness. All-day softness. The list of descriptions from its users goes on. Try it!

Sincere Advocacy

Support brands that gives back! Most brands just have their own interest in mind. What about its duty to your wellness, your loved ones, and the next generation? Make this your advocacy!

COCOLINE supports our coconut farmers and aims to instill pride in our local Coconut Oil…hey, we have the best quality in the world! COCOLINE also aims to promote the use of Naturals for the sake of our health.

The Power of Coconut

Did you know that scientists hail Coconut Oil as the best oil for our bodies? That’s why they called it “The Miracle Oil”. It far outweighs & outnumbers the benefits versus any other oil, including Olive, Argan, and Palm oil.

Where many other oils stop, the list goes on for Coconut Oil – Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, Antioxidants, Intense Moisture, etc…

Caring Naturally

COCOLINE Naturals Intense Moisturizing line captures the Powers of Coconut. Safe, gentle, and effective – even psoriasis sufferers (aka ultra-sensitive skin) claim that these are the only ones that worked on them amidst trying so many brands in the past.

Voted as best in all categories by several consumer groups. Power-packed with benefits for your skin, and still so delightful to use. COCOLINE just really cares, naturally!

Health & Beauty

True Health & Beauty! COCOLINE Naturals has the Triple Whitening line. With the Power of Coconut, it has the 3 best natural whitening ingredients combined.

Its lotion gives that great-looking matte finish for an all-day fair & even-toned look. Safe and effective whitening, inside & out! That’s true Health & Beauty

So…overall, how does your current brand measure up?