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Article Cover Photo 3What is the best product for our skin? Consumers are constantly bombarded with shout-outs about beauty standards and the latest skin care technology, and are prodded to buy them because this and that celebrity endorses it. If all of these were enough, then why are we still searching?

For decades, billions have been spent on skincare research. It seems only lately that independent scientists are finally speaking out, “Nature still provides the best care”, which is analogous to acknowledging that God knows best.

Consumers are welcoming this concept, as seen in the rising global trend on Natural products. With the increasing rate of cancer and other skin problems, the demand for “healthy” products is at its highest decibels. The traditional use of fruits & plants is a realization that our grandmothers were correct after all.

The recently launched brand, COCOLINE Naturals, is set to embody this. With its battle cry “The Power of Coconut”, the brand has ‘Nature’ at its core.

Here are some wisdom-filled excerpts we compiled from various press and consumer interviews with Ms. Rica King, entrepreneur & president of Coco Healthproducts Inc.

Q: What sparked the idea behind COCOLINE Naturals?
RK: “Upon retiring from 25 years in the corporate world, I embarked on adapting a holistic lifestyle for my family. The search for Natural Alternatives for health solutions is endless. I personally wanted products that are natural, safe, and effective, but are also pleasant to use.”

“I was fascinated by the unmatched powers of coconut oil and the facts surrounding it. It was two decades of managing a skincare brand in the past that spurred more curiosity in me to do further research. The biggest nudge, however, was the devastation brought about by the storm Yolanda to the coconut farmers in 2013 that made me decide to put all gathered knowledge into action.”

Q: Why zero-in on Coconut?
RK: “Numerous studies revealed Coconut oil as the most powerful oil you can put on your body for intense health and beauty benefits. Scientists call it “The Miracle Fruit” as it far outweighs the benefits of other more popular oils. “Hollywood celebrity A-listers are now claiming coconut to be their best beauty secret, which propelled its moniker the ‘it’ fruit.”

“The Philippines also happens to be the source of the best quality of coconut oil in the world. If there is any country who can come up with the best line-up of coconut-related products, it should be us.”

Q: Coconut Oil has been in the market for a while. What makes COCOLINE Naturals different?
RK: “Unfortunately, most Filipinos see coconut oil as old-fashioned, and marred with concerns on inconvenience such as being too sticky, warm, and ‘amoy lola’ or amoy latik”.

“COCOLINE Naturals aims to change this by giving coconut oil a modern twist. Its lotions, body wash, and beauty bars are all Virgin Coconut Oil based, complemented with other natural ingredients to delightfully smell fresh, feel cool & non-sticky on skin, and pleasant to use daily.”

Q: What makes your products different from those of other brands?
RK: “It is the Power of Coconut in a bottle. It is jam-packed with benefits certified by SGS International laboratories. Our high Anti-oxidant levels help keep skin’s youthful qualities with 24-hour moisture. It provides up to 99.99% Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal qualities, helping prevent infections, breakouts, body odor, and so many other skin problems. The lab scores were so high that even SGS executives were very impressed, especially because the ingredients were Natural and skin friendly”.

“COCOLINE Naturals products are Paraben-free, making it safer to use than synthetic-laden products.” (Parabens are highly linked to breast cancer and other illnesses. It seeps deep into the skin tissues and are not easily washed away.)

Q: What values does COCOLINE Naturals stand for?
RK: “Going Natural means you care enough to live longer for yourself and your loved ones. It’s a kind of beauty care that goes way beyond vanity. This is true beauty care, inside and out.”

“In whatever you do, whether it is healing, caring, or how you act, how you give, how you pray, how you smile, or how you express beauty…Natural is always best.”

“When asked what products they should buy…we don’t just say ‘Buy us’. We would rather teach consumers how to think, how to decide what is better for their skin, health and beauty needs. It’s all about a sincere care for consumers and providing them a better choice.”

“COCOLINE Naturals upholds honesty, good health, family values, and relationships. We support our coconut farmers and rally behind them.”

“There is soul behind the brand… deep sincerity, caring, and natural.”


* Rica King has worked most of her career managing a global skincare brand to leadership positions during her stint. She played an integral part in marketing, research, and product development in this highly competitive personal care market. She has then retired in 2010, to spend more time with her family. Unknowingly, her interest and studies on Natural Alternatives would propel her to come back with an advocacy ready to ride against tough competition.