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Remember these 12 important tips to reduce your risk. Read until the last tip and share it to your loved ones! Spreading the knowledge may help save a life!

Tip #1. Healthy Diet

Diet plays a big part on cancer. Sugar is like vitamins to cancer cells. Limit intake of sweets & refined carbs like pasta, white rice, white bread, etc. Eat more whole grains, fruits, nuts, and veggies. Opt to steam, broil, and oven roast than frying. Your body will thank you dearly, and it will show in the glow of your eyes, your lips, and your skin!

Tip #2. Hydrate!

Our body is about 75% water. Optimal hydration is a major key in cancer prevention. Don’t wait to drink only when thirsty. Drink water throughout the day, not only during mealtimes. Water provides nourishment, protection, and is the main oxygen provider throughout our body’s cells. Dehydration is serious. Drink for your health!

Tip #3. Load up on Spices

Nature indeed offers the best solution. Studies show that certain spices like Turmeric, Oregano, Garlic, and Chili Pepper are loaded with cancer fighting antioxidants that can restrict growth of cancer cells and even cause them to do the “hara-kiri” (self-destruct) amongst others. Don’t scrimp on these. Hey, they help make food delicious, too!

Tip #4. Limit Underwire Bras

Avoid them if you can. Underwire bras can impede proper lymphatic drainage around the breasts. If you have to, limit their use to special occasions only. Keeping your bodies straight and maintaining the right posture is what you need for that extra body confidence-boost!

Tip# 5. Optimize Vitamin D levels!

Having low levels of vitamin D increases cancer risk. Vitamin D strengthens our immune system to fight growth of cancer cells. The tragedy of cancer strikes when our bodies are too weak to defend itself. The sun is our biggest natural source of Vitamin D. Get your daily dose of sun rays and watch your bodies get stronger!

Tip #6. Choose your sunscreen!

SPF10 is perfect for daily protection. Limit high SPF use to beach outings and activities directly under the sun. High SPFs blocks out sun rays that the body needs for its immune system. Most brands use chemicals that disrupt hormones and may increase your cancer risk. Choose those with natural ingredients for safe & healthy protection.

Tip #7. Quit the Vices!

Our environment is polluted enough. Alcohol & smoking soils our bodies further. They corrupt the body’s oxygen level and weaken our immune system that is supposed to keep cancer cells at bay. The good health of our cells are crucial in fighting cancer.

Tip #8. Stress Management

Chronic stress psychologically, emotionally & physically woven can alter hormone levels and weaken our immune system. Keep a good balance. Relax. Pray. Do yoga. Hug your loved ones. Manage stress by knowing what you can control and what you can’t. Have a good perspective of life. A beautiful life starts with a beautiful mind!  

Tip #9. Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is when our bodies can maximize regeneration to keep us healthy. The Quality of Sleep and its length matters. Melatonin produced during sleep have antioxidant benefits helping prevent cell damage. Sleep disruptions create abnormal Cortisol (stress hormone) patterns that play a role in cancer development. Sleep to good health!

Tip #10. Choose Paraben-Free

Parabens are cheap preservatives used in most products. Such chemicals seep deep into the body and are hormone disruptors. Studies have shown that 99% of breast cancer tissues tested were Paraben-laden. Yikes!

Look for “Paraben-free” clearly written on the front label. Choose “Naturals” always!

Tip #11. Sweat it Out!

Regular exercise and sweating helps rid of some of the toxins in your body. Maybe not all the toxins, but it helps. Just don’t add more toxins again by using synthetic chemical-laden soaps, shampoo, lotions, deodorants, and make-up after your session. Sayang ang detox effort!

Tip #12. Best Skin Care Option

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