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Triple Fairness!

Parties and reunions are always around the corner! Is your skin still not clear and fair enough? There have been many promises you’ve tried…but are you satisfied? Want to triple up the notch? Do it the sure, healthier & safer way. Read on to find out…

Fair in Naturals

Different Natural ingredients have distinct effects to achieve fairer skin. Papaya gently exfoliates. Kojic lightens pigmentation. Vitamin C helps hasten skin renewal. Balance is key for effective and safe whitening.

Go Paraben-Free for Whitening! Dangerous Parabens seep deep into your body fast. Avoid chemical-laden products. The risk of cancer is never worth it. If the label doesn’t say Paraben-free, look for other whitening alternatives.

Fair in Coconut!

Virgin Coconut Oil are Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal to help fight skin issues like acne, eczema, and others. Its potent Antioxidant helps skin renewal making it a perfect base for Whitening.

VCO mixed with 3 potent natural whitening ingredients? Perfect for a really effective whitener, yet safe for your body. That’s real clear & fair skin for you!

Fair Instant Coverage

Use a Natural-based Whitening Lotion that provides an instant fair coverage all day. It’s a healthier alternative to make-up foundation that hides uneven skin tones & blemishes.

It should also effectively & safely work to whiten your skin underneath with 24hr moisture for healthy, smooth, brighter skin inside and out!

Fair SPF

Use whitening lotions that have SPF10 for daily use. It allows your body to take in the sun’s vitamin D for a healthy immune system while providing protection from darkening. Save the high SPFs for your beach outings.

Did you know that most sunblocks are Paraben-laden and full of chemicals. That’s another reason you should be more deciphering with your daily lotions. Safety first!

Fair Cleansing

Use soaps or bodywashes that are Natural-based. Harsh ones can dry your skin, making it prone to breakouts. It should not sting, lest you want early age spots due to constant burns on your protective layer. Choose effectivity + safety.

Try COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening. Voted Best Brightening Soap & Bodywash by various consumer groups. Natural, safe, effectively whitens, easy to rinse-off, and makes skin feel soft after use. They smell great, too! <3

Fair Moisturizing

Always moisturize after cleansing to keep the pH balance healthy. Effective whitening is easier when ingredients are Natural, since the body instinctively resists chemicals as much as it can.

COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening Lotion has all 3 potent natural ingredients: Papaya+Kojic+Vitamin C. VCO-based for 24hr moisture. Effective and safe whitening! It also gives a nice fair coverage on the skin for an all-day fairer-look. <3

Fair Match

It is always a better idea to match the ingredients in your soap with your lotion. When one complements the other, you get a double dose of effectiveness on your skin!

If you want to mix and match brands, it’s okay…just make sure you don’t compromise your health with chemically-laden products. For your sake and your loved ones, do care naturally!

Delightfully Fair!

Getting that fairer skin need not be a hassle. It need not feel sticky or thick. It doesn’t have to sting or dangerously peel your skin. And it doesn’t have to be so expensive.

COCOLINE Naturals makes your skin feel supple. Non-sticky. Non-greasy. It makes you looks and feel so soft & smooth the whole day! Its lingering sweet, yummy scent is such a winner! <3

Triple Fair Goodness!

COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening lotion, body wash, and soap are all VCO-based mixed with the 3 potent Natural whitening ingredients. That’s the Power of Coconut plus your all-time high fairness! All Paraben-free. True health and beauty!

Voted as best in all categories by various consumer groups. Power-packed with benefits for your skin, and still so delightful to use. COCOLINE just really cares, naturally! <3