COCOLINE Naturals: Unveiling the beautifying power of Virgin Coconut Oil

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In this day and age, thousands of fancy beauty products promise to make the skin more radiant than ever. However, one would be surprised to know that the real beauty secret of top Hollywood celebrities harnesses the power of the “miracle fruit,” and it comes in the purest form of the virgin coconut oil.

Because of its rejuvenating effects, the virgin coconut oil has been glorified by today’s most beautiful faces including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen, the Victoria’s Secret angels, the Kardashians and even Madonna, who admitted that it is the secret to her everlasting glow and vitality.

The science behind these wonders is simple. The virgin coconut oil is essentially rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E, which fight free radicals that cause common skin problems like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Combining the beautifying power of the virgin coconut oil with only the best paraben-free ingredients, a new brand called COCOLINE Naturals was born with a vision to gently heal and restore the natural glow of the skin.

By moving away from parabens, COCOLINE Naturals saves its users from toxic or synthetic chemicals that can weaken the immune system and even cause severe illness like breast cancer. “Every day, we face dirt, pollution and harmful chemicals that truly threaten our health,” says COCOLINE president Rica King.

“We want to address this concern, which is especially common to Filipinas who are always on the go, by caring naturally” she adds.

Guaranteed safe, effective and 100% natural, consumers can choose between the two variants that the company currently offers: COCOLINE Naturals Intensive Moisturizer and COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening.

COCOLINE Naturals Intensive Moisturizing gives the skin the right amount of moisture that it needs. It combines the moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties of virgin coconut oil with licorice extracts, a component that has good anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties that helps even-out skin tone; and also with milk, which provides additional moisture to the skin without that oily feeling.

A variant created for those who’d like to achieve fairer and younger-looking skin, on the other hand, is the COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening collection. It infuses the wonders of virgin coconut oil with the skin lightening powers of papaya enzyme, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C. The formulation also leaves a matte finish with SPF10, providing a natural coverage and protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Both variants are available in lotion, body wash and hand-made beauty bar soap for a complete healing and nourishing kit for the skin.

But aside from elevating our country’s competitiveness in the world’s health and beauty market through innovative products like these, COCOLINE Naturals also communicates an important advocacy, and that is to support the Philippine Coconut Farmers.

“Through our fresh concept and quality products, COCOLINE represents the world-class ingenuity of Filipinos. By going natural, by going green, we do not only touch the lives of our consumers, but also the lives of our local farmers who need our support in the long run,” shares King.

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