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SGS Laboratories, the world’s leading testing and verification company, certified COCOLINE Naturals products’ highly impressive Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties. 

The products passed with high flying colors! The test results proved that COCOLINE Naturals’ Anti-Bacterial qualities was up to 99.99%, while their Anti-Fungal rate was up to 98.77%. These numbers beat many of their competitors claim in the consumer personal care market. What makes it more interesting is that the products are made mostly of natural ingredients. Such is the power of Coconuts!



In the past years, renowned scientists worldwide have been harping on the remarkable competence of coconut. They call it “The Miracle Fruit”.

Coconut Oil is far more powerful and caring than any other oil in the market due to its high effectivity rate and enumerable benefits it can give the body – skin, hair, internal system, and all.

The brand, COCOLINE Naturals, rightfully captures this concept. Their products are all formulated based on Virgin Coconut Oil. Mixed with meticulously chosen ingredients that further complement coconut oils’ benefits give its users a more pleasurable skin care experience.

Aside from the Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal qualities, COCOLINE Naturals can boast of its Anti-Oxidants to help skin renewal, anti-aging, hydrating, and smoothening of skin.

Add to that, COCOLINE Naturals products are Paraben-Free. Parabens are toxins that can accumulate in the body, which can eventually cause all sorts of ills including cancer. How we wish all products can be Paraben-Free. It is rare to find products that are protective, repairing, caring and beautifying — all at the same time. Here’s looking forward to a long relationship with this brand!

COCOLINE Naturals product line includes Lotions, Body Wash, and Beauty Bar Soaps. They presently are available in 2 variants : Intense Moisturizing and Triple Whitening.

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