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Hooray for the humble coconut! Did you know that this Philippine-abundant produce is now called the world’s “it” fruit? True. Just Google it to find out that this “miracle fruit” is creating such a craze amongst Hollywood A-listers.

Now to make the powers of coconut easier to appreciate daily, a new brand has just wowed us by giving it a beauty twist – COCOLINE Naturals. Its recently held launch at the Green Sun hotel perfectly resembled a beach party with a stunning 360° video display of the sparkling ocean & clear skies then turning it into a hall of splashing and bouncing coconuts throughout the night.

It was a splendor of skin satisfaction without the toxins. COCOLINE Naturals products are Paraben-free. “It is high time we have natural healthy alternative products to truly care for our skin and what goes in it”, says COCOLINE president, Rica King. “We are giving the powerful coconut a supplemental twist aimed to delight consumers with its look, smell, and feel, while addressing the modern woman’s health and beauty needs”, she adds.


The Power of Coconut in COCOLINE Naturals


Entertainment celebrities and society personalities came to witness another fresh innovation in the skin care industry, which was also graced by celebrity hosts Fabio Ide, Divine Lee and JM Rodriguez.

“Virgin Coconut Oil is a super moisturizer that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and a strong anti-oxidant that keeps skin healthy” highlights brand manager, Zyra Tinio. “We added other natural ingredients like milk for further skin hydration and licorice extracts to give consumers a pleasant and beautifying experience with our lotions, soaps and body washes.” Tinio further explains

With the help of gorgeous models who sampled out the products, guests were able to try the two variants of COCOLINE Naturals: Intense Moisturizing and Triple Whitening. And indeed, the crowd loved the delightful scent and feel of the products.

“Whatever you learned & witnessed today, I hope it converts you to go natural. We are targeting your heart and your health, and we promise to remain true to our commitment in the succeeding years – and that is to care naturally,” remarked King.

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