What Can Coconut and COCOLINE Naturals do for You?

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For most Filipinos, coconut is a refreshing drink, a tasty snack, or something that can be used in food. However, most people don’t really know about the hundreds of benefits coconuts can provide for your body, both inside and out.

When used as cooking oil, coconut is cholesterol and trans-fatty acid free, and actually can lowers cholesterol levels. Coconut also contains properties that can prevent or cure conditions ranging from heart disease and Alzheimer’s, and one study even showed that it can even inhibit the growth of cancer cells! Coconut also whitens teeth by reducing plaque, improves gum health, and sweetens breath. It can even be used as an alternative to sports drinks, as the juice is high in electrolytes and low in calories, and packed with simple sugars, minerals, and vitamins.

Coconut’s benefits extend externally as well. For hair, coconut oil acts as a leave-in conditioner that repairs damaged hair, while giving it a shine as well! Most importantly, coconut is great for our skin. Coconut is a natural moisturizer as it strengthens underlying tissues, and it even helps remove dead skin cells that make skin rough and flaky in texture! It gives skin an instant glow, and doesn’t cause breakouts. Additionally, it is even antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and even is a deodorizer!

These benefits are really important when you COCOLINE Naturals to other skincare lines. Other products consist of mostly synthetic ingredients, including parabens which can be toxic to the body. Studies have shown that parabens have been found in 98% of breast cancers tissues!

So by being completely natural and paraben-free, COCOLINE Naturals can offer consumers all of the benefits associated with coconuts, without having to worry about any of the problems that could arise from synthetic ingredients. The combination of the benefits of coconuts and having an all-natural formulation is what truly sets COCOLINE Naturals apart from any other brand in truly delighting and caring for your skin!

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