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To understand why we feel so strongly about the coconut, you have to go back to the beginning. After witnessing the damage wrought by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, an idea for a product was born. This would be a product that could help support our coconut industry weakened by natural disasters and the Coco-Lisap, and bring to the forefront the coconut, which is a fruit that isn’t highly regarded in our home country.

Coconuts are the Philippines’ top export, and it is known around the world that we produce the highest quality coconut. Recently, top celebrities and models from Hollywood have been championing the coconut as their “miracle fruit” that keeps them healthy and beautiful. Yet locally, the coconut is still mostly seen as a fruit that is drank on a hot day, served by waiters at local restaurants or can be bought while lounging on the beach.

Most Filipinos interact with the coconut by drinking the cool juice and eating the white meat inside, not knowing the hundreds of benefits that the coconut can provide to your health and beauty. This is why the coconut inspired us to create the COCOLINE Naturals line of products, to educate not only the Philippines, but the entire world about all of the benefits that the coconut can provide for you and your skin.

By making the coconut the star of the COCOLINE Naturals line of products, we want to show everyone how the coconut can be the centerpiece of a world class product that not only moisturizes and whitens skin, but is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and paraben free. COCOLINE Naturals products are all based on Virgin Coconut Oil that is sourced locally, and is proudly manufactured in the Philippines.

With COCOLINE Naturals, we believe that we have a product that can showcase the benefits of coconut to the world, further strengthen the Philippines’ coconut industry, and most importantly for our consumers, to provide a coconut based product that will truly delight and care for your skin, naturally.

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